"Hi James and Jim at Port River Marine.

Thanks again to you and the team at PRMS in Largs North on the whole boat purchasing process recently. Your service through the whole process of buying our first boat, carrying out extensive repairs and upgrades to our 40 Foot Gulf Craft and then handover and commissioning was absolutely fantastic. Your safety advice and taking us out on the water to learn how the boat operates from the ground up after the upgrades was much appreciated.

Your honest and down to earth advice on all things marine backed up by the ability to get major boat refurbishment works done in quick time was spot on. The trip to Melbourne by James to ensure we landed the boat safely was beyond what you could possibly hope for and much appreciated by myself and the family.

Since the delivery of the boat we have enjoyed numerous days on the water, and whenever yourself or Jim are in town please ring me for a day on the water.

Thanks again guys.​"

Mark O'Kane 

Owner - 40' Sports Cruiser "MOK"

"Hi Jim Theodore at Port River Marine,


Just to fill you in on the results of altering the chines and spray rails on the Aqua Jewel. We have had 2 months of constant fishing to test the boat in all kinds of weather. Port Mac Donnell seas are the roughest in Australia so are tested every day. Results were perfect, virtually no spray on the windows in all conditions, at all speeds, slow to fast.

The water hitting the chines is pushed down and away from the boat.

The slight adjustment you made to the chines is perfect, sorry I cannot help it PERFECT is the right word to use. When moored in open water (camping out) there is no slapping noise from the chines so sleeping is great. As you know Aqua Jewel was built especially strong and therefore heavier than other boats but the performance is superb.​

The finished boat looked like brand new.

Thank you for a 100% professional job."

Dick Williams

Owner - 51' Commercial Vessel "Aqua Jewel"

"Kinetic Energy and Runaway both underwent refits next to each other late last year in the yard at Port River Marine Services at Largs North. The rigs came out off both yachts so standing rigging, mast wiring, wind gear and halyards could all be replaced and for Runaway it was also time for the Tides track to be fitted in the mast track, this addition coming into its own once the yacht was to reach the sail change capital of the world… the Doldrums.


Runaway took up position in the keel pit with rudder removed leaving the waterline at chest height and thus the deck was at a realistically safe height without the deck gear removal team needing oxygen masks and altitude training, PRMS are the only yard in Adelaide where a deep drafted yacht can be worked on in a safe and efficient manner such as this. For Kinetic it was a different story she was bound for one of the Theodore's many sheds, the boat was lifted in the 70 tonne shiplift, the bottom gernied, keel nuts removed, fingers crossed and the keel which was fitted 11 years ago ( I had to settle the Southern Light re wiring account!) Slipped out, the boat was set up on a low trolley and backed into the shed, the gunwale just above eye level, another nice safe work height for her 30 year refit. All this took about 4 hours as we under took the work in a yard that had the gear and the operators with years of experience.


As the refits progressed, small unforeseen tasks came up but were all dealt with easily because of the surrounding resources and knowledge. 24 hour access to the authorised refit team members meant that never an idle moment was spent at home! The Theodores support of the Runaway campaign ‘just because it’s good to see people getting involved with projects and a bit of adventure in boats, that’s what it’s all about’ has to be admired and shows there is more to Port River Marine Services than just a well-appointed and well maintained yard. December brought the relaunch of both sparkling vessels and well, the rest is history"


Tom Crabb

Shipwright & Skipper - 40' Racing Sloop "Runaway"

"I’d just like to say thanks heaps to all the staff at PRMS on a job well done. Jim said from the start of the job it will go faster, use less fuel and no longer need to use all the trim.

Well the trip back to Lincoln was calm but tests so far give an extra 2 knots maximum revs with more weight on board or for the same cruise speed as before of 25 knots show on instruments 25 to 30 litres an hour fuel savings!!

It rides flatter as it no longer drags its a***, carries more weight and fishes an extra 3 or 4 people with room to add a huge cool box in the middle of the deck so I couldn’t be happier, guys. Thanks so much."

Rob Swincer

Owner - 44' Flybridge Cruiser "Saltiga"

"Over the last 18 months I have had many dealings with Port River Marine, from the initial purchase of my 36 foot cruiser (from Port River Marine), along with the extensive repair work carried out, to its final launching earlier this year. During all my dealings I have found them to be a very professional operation providing greatly needed assistance to what was a first ever project undertaken by me.

Quality of work provided was always extremely high and whilst the pricing sometimes also appeared high (coming from someone who had no real knowledge), I was however, always confident the work would be done well.


External contractors referred by Port River Marine, when they were unable to do the actual work was also very good in particular the electrician who completely rewired the whole boat.

I am now very happy with the end result, enjoying the boat along with experiencing a continued friendship with both James and Jim Theodore."

Stuart Foster

Owner - 36' Sports Cruiser "Lily Mia"

“School's Out sustained major damage when 't-boned' during a Twilight Race on 24 Jan. The other boat missed our sewerage holding tank by 10cm - phew! Boat was out of repairs after the Australia Day Weekend. A huge thanks to Jim Theodore and his professional team at Port River Marine for getting School's Out ready for the race track this weekend. Impossible some said! The boys worked overtime in 40 degrees heat this week to get us back in business. And the end product is absolutely brilliant!”

Adrian Wotton

Owner - 40' Cruising Sailing Vessel "School's Out"

“I’m relieved to see the final account didn’t contain any surprises!

In terms of the work, I’m delighted with what you blokes have done – it’s all first class work. In fact I’m disappointed that I’m on the other side of the country and can’t be there to pick it up and see it in all its glory. I’ll have to be patient. The bottom line is that Buzz is now in better shape than it’s ever been in, in the 30 plus years that we’ve had it. I’m really excited about that and thank you and the boys for the great work done on it.
It remains my ambition to finish the job properly with a new paint job and we’ll get back to you on that when there are some dollars back in the piggy bank again.

And thank you for being great to deal with and for the time and care you’ve taken. Let’s get you up on the river sometime soon and show you a little ‘inland boating’ fun.”

Leigh Radford

Owner - 16' Ski Boat