Antifouling coatings on vessels

On average, any vessel permanently moored in the water should be cleaned and anti-fouled every 12 to 18 months as a general rule.

There are some exceptions to this depending on the type of water your boat is moored in, the tidal flow, the size of the vessel and the material the vessel is made from.


Antifouling is not the only thing that should be monitored and regularly checked. Anodes, skin fittings and water intakes should also be checked regularly.


Port River Marine Services can undertake the entire anti-foul process from preparing the antifouling surface for re-coating, or sand blasting if the owner requests.


Port River Marine Services application of antifouling is applied with an airless spray gun, as recommended by the manufacturer, to ensure and maximise the life of the antifouling product.

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Get your boat shining like new

Port River Marine Services are experts in all marine polishing from luxury motor yachts to a ski boat, we have the industry experts that can get your boat shining like new.

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Insurance Repairs

Refit Sheds

Known nationally for our high quality workmanship, Port River Marine Services is an accredited and preferred insurance repairer.

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Teak Decking

Experts in teak decking replacements​

Undertaking teak decking installations to a varying range of makes and models, our shipwrights take pride in their traditional teak decking laying process, including weighted glue process over screws.

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Prop One Applications

Propeller & driveline coatings

PropOne™ is a non-biocidal foul release coating which prevents sea life adhering to it and organisms are easily dislodged once the boat is placed in drive. It has been developed to ensure increased vessel performance due to its slick nature and excellent corrosion protection.

The coating prevents marine growth because it is slick NOT by chemically poisoning the environment.

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Painting / Resprays

Give your boat a new lease on life with a respray at Port River Marine Services

Port River Marine Services undertakes lots of respray work, utilising our closed door undercover refit sheds. With a controlled environment, our professional shipwrights who specialise in painting, have undertaken works on varying craft from commercial vessels to yachts and luxury cruisers.

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Commercial Refits

Extend the life of your fleet.

Refits of interiors, resprays, new windows and glazing.