"Kinetic Energy and Runaway both underwent refits next to each other late last year in the yard at Port River Marine Services at Largs North. The rigs came out off both yachts so standing rigging, mast wiring, wind gear and halyards could all be replaced and for Runaway it was also time for the Tides track to be fitted in the mast track, this addition coming into its own once the yacht was to reach the sail change capital of the world… the Doldrums.


Runaway took up position in the keel pit with rudder removed leaving the waterline at chest height and thus the deck was at a realistically safe height without the deck gear removal team needing oxygen masks and altitude training, PRMS are the only yard in Adelaide where a deep drafted yacht can be worked on in a safe and efficient manner such as this. For Kinetic it was a different story she was bound for one of the Theodore's many sheds, the boat was lifted in the 70 tonne shiplift, the bottom gernied, keel nuts removed, fingers crossed and the keel which was fitted 11 years ago ( I had to settle the Southern Light re wiring account!) Slipped out, the boat was set up on a low trolley and backed into the shed, the gunwale just above eye level, another nice safe work height for her 30 year refit. All this took about 4 hours as we under took the work in a yard that had the gear and the operators with years of experience.


As the refits progressed, small unforeseen tasks came up but were all dealt with easily because of the surrounding resources and knowledge. 24 hour access to the authorized refit team members meant that never an idle moment was spent at home! The Theodores support of the Runaway campaign ‘just because it’s good to see people getting involved with projects and a bit of adventure in boats, that’s what it’s all about’ has to be admired and shows there is more to Port River Marine Services than just a well-appointed and well maintained yard. December brought the relaunch of both sparkling vessels and well, the rest is history.



Tom Crabb

Port River Marine was established in 1985 and over the last thirty years has grown into Adelaide's only one stop shop complete boat service facility.

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